Social Skills - Change Management (in English)

Planning and managing organizational change

This workshop assists in keeping emotions in view during change and in achieving a healthy culture for change. It offers the chance to get all team members on board who are confronted with organizational change and shows the advantages of the process of change. Last but not least it helps putting plans into practice.

  • The need for security
  • Organizational change
  • When uncertainty occurs
  • Culture and values as an individual affected by change
  • Winning team members over to organizational change
  • Four rooms of change
  • Active exercises with the Four Rooms of Change
  • Theory Input
  • One-to-one work
  • Plenum work
  • Planning the future
  • Managing complex situations during change
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This course is specially designed for native German speakers that work with multilingual teams or international business partners.

Managers, team leaders and team members.

Social Skills, Change Management, Organizational change, communication