Social Skills - Effective Meeting Management (in English)

Efficient chairing international business meetings

During this seminar you will acquire the tools needed to chair meetings effectively. The issues of professional preparation, efficient chairing and minute-taking will be covered. You will develop your understanding of professional, methodical and social aspects of meetings. Furthermore you will have the chance to practice your management and leadership qualities. Another focus of this seminar is the method of moderation. This method is particularly helpful for designing a workshop-styled meeting. The method of moderation is a vivid, tried and tested instrument which helps groups to involve every member in the process of new ideas and solutions.

  • Different kinds of meetings/different goals of meetings
  • Purpose
  • Chairing the meeting
    • Communication techniques
    • Visual aids
    • Handling challenging behaviour and conflicts
  • Meeting rules
  • Composing the minutes
  • Playing the floor
  • Dealing with questions
  • The "war room"
  • Basic negotiation techniques
  • Closing the meeting
  • Practising moderation using concrete examples
  • Feedback on individual moderation style
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This course is specially designed for native German speakers that work with multilingual teams or international business partners.

Managers, team leaders and team members.

Social Skills, Effective Meeting Management, goals of meeting, Communication techniques, Meeting rules