Social Skills - Present Differently (in English)

Fullfill both - your own needs and those of your audience

Have you ever experienced the following? Your presentation just doesn't grab your audience. Or even worse you have the feeling you are not getting anything the person in the front is trying to tell you? For the presenter this can be a nightmare: he has a goal, which he wants to get across, but is far from reaching it. Being able to present well, a daily occurance in today's business world - whether it is for a customer, for the boss or for a project team, no matter if it is in a meeting room, in a lecture theatre or on an exhibition stand.

  • Defining the goals of your presentation
  • Adjusting oneself to one's audience
  • Creating the overall draft of the presentation
  • Constructing your arguments convincingly
  • Arranging the beginning and the end of a presentation
  • The three P's - preparation, preparation, preparation
  • The usage of visual media to support or supplement
  • Rhetoric: the art of using your language, voice and body language correctly
  • Actively including the audience
  • Mastering difficult situations
  • Leading discussions
  • PowerPoint tips and tricks
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This course is specially designed for native German speakers that work with multilingual teams or international business partners.

Managers, team leaders and team members.

Social Skills, Present Differently, presentation, rhetoric, communication